Gravel grids

Plastic honeycomb gravel grids and gravel mats are the perfect solution against track formation and are water-permeable, stable and low-maintenance. They are the ideal product to construct a path or driveway so you can drive your car, motorhome, tractor and many other means of transport easily across it, also in bad weather conditions.

Load capacity

The grids are filled with gravel, pea gravel or sand and can support a significant load of over 300 tonnes per m2 (unfilled).

Product features

Soil reinforcement, high load capacity, elastic, frost and UV resistant, durable, water permeable, fillable with for example sand, soil, pea gravel or gravel.


Our plastic grids/mats are made of recycled HDPE and are the ideal solution for sustainable soil and gravel path reinforcement. Track formation arises when you frequently walk or drive on the same paths, driveways or parking spaces. Plastic grids/mats can prevent track formation. The plastic grids can best be filled with pea gravel, gravel, pebbles or sand. When you fill the grids with soil, you can sow them with grass afterwards.

Our plastic gravel grids/gravel mats are particularly suitable to construct or broaden (half) paved driveways and paths and for parking spaces.