Grass tiles

The plastic grass tiles or grass grids from Multiraster are made of high-quality recycled HDPE and benefit from a long life span and can be recycled at a later stage if desired.

Installing grass tiles

The grass tiles or grass grids from Multiraster can be laid easily thanks to its unique four-sided fixed click connection. For use on slopes and banks, they can be anchored with long nails of 26 cm in the 2 openings integrated in the product from Multiraster. The grids from Multiraster and Multiraster Pro A are frost and UV-resistant and do not distort at higher temperatures.


The Multiraster grass tiles/grass grids from Kremers are ideally suited to solve excess water pools on or in embankments, horse mills, paddocks, green areas, parking spaces, feeding areas, gardens and parks, campsites, golf courses, etc.

The Multirasters can be filled with grass, sand, gravel and many other materials. For more information on the installation of grass tiles, please visit our page: Installation tips.