Een uniek product


Recycled plastic


Surface area per grid
approx. 0.240m²

Number of grids per m²

Weight per grid
approx. 4 kg

Load capacity
> 40 tonnes/module

Stone Grey

Euro pallet 80×120 cm

Quantity per pallet
140 grids (approx. 32 m²)

Grids per layer

Layers per pallet

m² per layer
approx. 0,96 m²


Thanks to its revolutionary 3D connection system, the Eco-Terra truly is one of a kind.

Even on less than optimal surfaces, the modules stay perfectly in place.

Benefits Eco-Terra:

  • Includes a unique 3D connection system.
  • Easy to cut to size without residual dust.
  • Easy to install thanks to the low weight of just 4 kg per plate.
  • Does not break during storage, transport or reinstalling.
  • Suitable for extremely heavy loads (> 40 tonnes/module)
  • Acid resistant material composition.
  • Pleasant to walk on for both humans and animals.
  • Recyclable.
  • Does not absorb water, making it frost resistant.
  • No sharp edges: no risk of cuts

Durable, light and very strong

For numerous applications, the Eco-Terra offers much more possibilities than traditional materials. Thanks to the low weight of approx. 4 kg per module, they can be installed very easily and fast. The Eco-Terra is made of robust material and does not absorb moisture. This provides a number of advantages: no water is drawn from the enclosed soil underneath and there is no frost damage in wintertime. Moreover, no contamination can penetrate into the material, making it easy to wash and therefore hygienic. The Eco-Terra from Kremers is very versatile, extremely robust, very environmentally friendly and of high quality.


  • Parking spaces
  • Horticulture
  • Road construction: road borders and road turnarounds for cars, etc.
  • Agriculture: stables, pastures and storage areas, etc.