Public areas

  • Parking spaces and driveways
  • Playgrounds and gardens
  • Hiking trails, for example in parks, public gardens and cemeteries
  • Strengthening of roadsides and verges
  • Helicopter landing platforms
  • Embankment and shore reinforcement
  • Dike reinforcement
  • Roads and paths in swamps and natural areas
  • Temporary hardening of surfaces. Tennis courts
  • Stables and riding school terrains
  • Golf courses
  • Animal parks and gardens
  • Open-air theaters
  • Playgrounds and play areas
  • Holiday parks
  • Events areas

Around the house

  • Driveways of garages and parking areas
  • Garden paths
  • Flat roofs with vegetation
  • Facade drainage with pebble filling
  • Hardening of surfaces; temporary or permanent

Sports and recreation

  • Sports grounds; (standing) spectator areas
  • Access paths

Environmental benefits

Positive effect on water cycle

Decentralized permeability of soil for rain water, without drainage or canalization. No need for any drainage system, resulting in lower costs. Asphalt, concrete, bricks etc. retain heat, resulting in an unfavorable influence on the climate. Contribution to the formation of new groundwater, and preventing high water. Protects against erosion.

Creating a more beautiful and more natural landscape

Calmer residential areas by developing more greenery. Natural material, as opposed to concrete, has a soothing effect. Many green areas in the living environment.

It is easier to obtain permits, as it is easier to comply with environmental directives. The ratio between built-up and unbuilt areas will be restored, since any area consisting of concrete, stone or asphalt is considered as built-up. There will be more green instead of concrete, asphalt or clinker bricks. In most cases where regulation applies to natural areas, grass tiles can still be used.


Benefits Multi-rasters

  • Easy and fast installation, thanks to pre-assembly of almost 1 m2
  • Very stable and does not slide thanks to its unique click connection system on all sides
  • Provided with eyelets to fasten the grid using plastic or steel nails (ideal for slopes and banks)
  • User-friendly and quick installation (100-150 m2 per hour)
  • Light-weight, 8.05 kg/m2 (Multi-raster pro) and 4.2 kg/m2 (Multiraster)
  • Extremely stable, even for intensive heavy loads for example by trucks (up to 380 tonnes/m2 ) for Multi-raster pro and heavy loads by cars (up to ca. 250 tonnes/m2 ) for Multi-raster.
  • Suitable for temporary hardening

  • Frost and UV-resistant
  • Maintains its shape even during changes in temperature
  • Always passable, no slipping or sinking
  • Optimal growing conditions thanks to the large chamber volume and the water and nutrient reservoirs
  • Preservation of the micro-climate and the living environment of micro-organisms
  • Vegetation to almost 100%
  • Ideal protection for roots and tree bark
  • Versatile and fillable with many different materials
  • Perfect protection against erosion
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Suitable for emergency lanes
  • Fully recyclable
  • Tested by leading authorities and meets the highest quality requirements